Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls

Maiwand District, Kandahar, Afghanistan


Cynthia and kids at nearby village. Maiwand District, Kandahar Province

The U.S. Army, 2-34 Combined Arms Battalion, “Dreadnaught” will refurbish a building to establish the Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls in the Maiwand District of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan World Foundation (AWF) established a partnership with Dreadnaught Battalion to support an effort central to its mission of establishing education centers for women and children.

AWF will raise $17,000 to underwrite the costs of establishing the Center for women and girls.


Building that will be future Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls

“The Taliban regime destroyed over 70% of the schools, and health care facilities throughout Afghanistan, and levied heavy restrictions on women, stated Sonia Nassery Cole, Founder of AWF. “The local support to establish a center and school for women and girls proves the resilience and determination of the people of Maiwand.“


Women's Literature Class - they each get a book and a radio. Lessons are broadcast on the radio

Kandahar Province, is a conservative Pashtun rural community where women’s literacy is below 7%. Political and social progress in Kandahar is a predicator of national success.
“Contrary to common expectations, the women of Maiwand are not afraid to ask for what they want,” stated Cynthia Hogle, an Army Civilian who supports Dreadnaught Battalion by conducting field interviews and research. “During one of my first meetings with the women they requested a meeting place for women and a school for their girls to attend.”

The women stated where they would like the building located so they could easily gather, socialize and attend training programs. They stated their boys attend the local school, but since boys and girls must attend schools in separate buildings they needed a girls’ school.


US Army's Afghan Interpreter Miriam with Shukria - a young girl that would like to become a doctor
and learn English. We would like to arrange for Shukria to assist the nurse at the local clinic.
But opportunities for girls are very few, if any in Maiwand.Shukria does all the cleaning
and carries all the water for her family.

LTC Chistopher Kidd, Commander of Dreadnaught Battalion stated, “The women of Maiwand are courageous and outspoken, and steadfastly anti-Taliban. By supporting them via education and economic opportunities, we are engaging 48% of the population that has been largely ignored in counterinsurgency measures.”

A building slated to be torn down was preserved and will soon be refurbished. It is one of the original buildings constructed by the British near their fort during the famous 1880 Battle of Maiwand. During this conflict, the Afghans were inspired by a heroine, Malalai Anaa, and against all odds, they dramatically defeated the British. Hence, the women decided to the name the building in her honor.


Cynthia Hogle's Afghan interpreter Paula teaching Afghan women and girls

LTC Kidd has outlined plans to transform the building, add a garden and also determined a six-foot wall should be built to provide the privacy and security necessary for the women and girls to feel comfortable. The wall will be paid for with U.S. Army CERP Funds.

The extended families of grandparents, brothers, their wives, and the children – including many widows and orphans, that inhabit the local villages have very little. Many have fled from other areas due to fighting and targeting by the Taliban.

The Center will provide training programs in sewing, rug making, and contract negotiation so they can sell their items in the local Bazaar. Handmade goods are sold for commission or based on negotiated contracts with male shop owners.

“The Taliban loses its potential for influence when families have education and increased economic opportunities. Establishing a Women’s Center and offering programs for women will create a huge impact in this community,” stated District Governor, Obeidullah Bawari.

Afghanistan World Foundation was founded by Sonia Nassery Cole, who fled Afghanistan, at the age of seventeen, during the Soviet Invasion. AWF engages in collaborative efforts to enhance social opportunities for Afghan women and children and prioritizes projects that address critical needs such as education, economic development, and health services.

To support this effort, please make checks payable to AWF, and send to:

Afghanistan World Foundation
Attn: Charles W. Stroud, Treasurer
11660 Mayfield Avenue (#310)
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Phone: 310 820-3577
Please write in the memo section: “Malalai Anaa”

100% of all donations will benefit the Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls. This fundraising effort is 100% volunteer managed. Incidental expenses are covered by Board contributions. All contributions are tax deductible under Afghanistan World Foundation 501(C)3 status.

Afghanistan World Foundation Sponsors:
Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls
Maiwand District, Kandahar, Afghanistan
$17,000 Fundraising Goal



Cynthia and the "Princess Warrior"
The woman we call the "Princess Warrior" is a very strong woman. When she was 8, she assisted her father in fighting the Russians by
carrying ammunition and handing him his weapons. She has her own AK-47 and will get on the roof to fire back at the Taliban. She said
"I am not educated, but if I was I would be somebody." We reassured her that she is somebody and is an important leader for the women of
her village. She wants them to know their rights. We are putting together a Women's Shura (meeting) and will discuss women's rights.
These are the types of meetings that would take place at the Malalai Anaa Center for Women. She is also studying her Pashto so she
can be the teacher at the Malalai Anaa School for Girls.

Lieutenant Nederhoed and the girls with their Dum Dum lollipops donated by Spangler Candy Co.

Perspectives: Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls

Dear Friends,

I am doing well in Afghanistan - and love working with the women and girls. Our Commander oversees two districts - Zharey and Maiwand within Kandahar Province. The large base- Pasab- is in Zharey and I am on an outpost in Maiwand - which I much prefer. The women and girls in this province have very few (no) opportunities - but they know what they want. I have met some very strong women - one states she wishes she could wear a US uniform aInd would kill 50 Taliban to save one US soldier. Another wants the women to be educated regarding their rights - particularly in regard to marriage and domestic violence. She is gathering the women for a meeting, and I am finding a speaker to meet with them on the subject. Both these women are learning to read and write Pashto via a radio literacy program the military provides. I distribute books and radios. One woman stated "I am not educated, but if I was, I would be somebody." This woman - whom I call Warrior Princess protects her home by carrying an AK-47. As an eight-year-old, she assisted her father when he fought the Russians by carrying his weapon and feeding him ammunition. She wants to learn Pashto faster than the radio program teaches - so one of our interpreters will tutor her so she can become a teacher for the girls. As a Human Terrain Analyst, I interview Afghans to learn about their lives and culture. The Commander asked that I learn if women can influence men - and particularly young men - regarding their support of the Taliban. I go out daily into the villages to talk to the women and often the men as well. The women are vehemently anti-Taliban and understand that the US is here to help. And that even though we are "not Muslim, (we) are better than the Taliban who claim to be good Muslims." Several women express this openly and talk to their sons and friends about their beliefs. The women have asked for a place to gather and for a girls' school - despite threats from the Taliban and the Taliban's history of destroying girls' schools. I have partnered with Afghanistan World Foundation - (AWF) an organization I am affiliated with in the US to raise funds for the women's center. It is up so us to provide this opportunity for the women. If you make a contribution - 100% will benefit the women. I go out daily to meet with these women. It is truly an emotionanal experience to hear their stories. I don't take this job lightly - there is very often gunfire in the area and intel regarding threats. I am here because I believe in what I am doing. Some think I am making a lot of money - there are contractors that do make a lot of money - but I am a Department of Army Civilian. I came here because I wanted to support our Soldiers and to learn about Afghanistan. Please support us in this effort. I realize times are tough at home - but please find it in your heart to make a small contribution to support these women. Your donation WILL make a difference. Thank you.

To support this effort, please make checks payable to:

Afghanistan World Foundation
Attn: Charles W. Stroud, Treasurer
11660 Mayfield Avenue (#310) Los Angeles, CA 90049
Phone: 310 820-3577
Please write in the memo section: “Malalai Anaa” Best, Cynthia L. Hogle

CONTACT: Cynthia Hogle: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (currently in Afghanistan)


US Army's Interpreters Miriam and Paula get their hair done by young Afghan girls


Cynthia Hogle (with yellow scarf) and US Army Soldiers led by SFC Soto that escort (and protect) her whenever she leaves the base.


An Afghan girl takes the lead with Sergeant Collins to escort her to her village home

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